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Mise-en-Scène. Skulpturale Rhetorik

Mise-en-Scène. Skulpturale Rhetorik


14.01. -  19.01.2013


Adalbertstr. 20
D-10997 Berlin


Awst & Walther, Matthias Bitzer, Andreas Greiner / Armin Keplinger, Seb Koberstädt, Alicja Kwade, Yasmin Müller, Felix Schramm, Mirko Tschauner

Kuratiert von Ursula Ströbele






Opening or event start 07.01.2013 18:00
Ends 01.02.2013



Contemporary Art at Lichthof of the main building Humboldt-University Berlin.




epidemiC/Franco Berardi
Vera Buhß
Yoonhee Kim
EunHee Lee
Milovan DeStil Markovic
Otto Neurath
Ben Patterson
Mike Ruiz
Daniel Salomon
Edward Tufte
Ivar Veermäe

Opening Performance: Olof Olsson

"Kleine Humboldt Galerie" is a students' initiative for conception and accomplishment of curative exhibitions at Humboldt-University Berlin.

  Opening Times We-Fr, 12-18

Daddy YOU can't make a cactus...this has been done!

Daddy YOU can't make a cactus...this has been done!


January 18, 2013- February 17, 2013
curated by Cato J. Dibelius

Fichte str 2
10967 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


Presented artists: Seb Koberstädt, Michael Sailstorfer, Thomas Behling, Rodrigo Oliveira, Roman Lang, Martin Pfeifle, Djuneid Duloo, Jakub Moravek, Krisˇtof Kintera, Emanuel Fanslau, Daniel Man, Michael Zheng, Julien Berthier, Michel de Broin

At the age of 10, Cato J. Dibelius’ first show will appear at the Grimmuseum in January 2013. Having grown up in San Francisco, Munich and Berlin, Cato has visited over four hundred exhibitions with his father, the artist Robert Barta.
With this Cato developed a sophisticated approach to confronting art works. He learnt to look closely at art, remembering small details and cultivating vivid associations with individual works. From this the idea emerged to put a show together in which his favourite works were exhibited in the same space.

berlinerpool artist - Thomas Behling

Videoart at Midnight #41: Harun Farocki

Videoart at Midnight #41: Harun Farocki

Friday, Jan 25th, 2013, 24:00 | midnight
BABYLON, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin, big cinema hall
(admission free)

opening or event start 25.01.2013 24:00
Begins 21.01.2013

BABYLON Mitte Kino
10119 Berlin


We are glad to introduce Harun Farocki one of  Germanys most prominent documentary film makers and media artists as our guest. In four of his movie essays Farocki documents the education of soldiers at US-military bases.


Illuminations of Wedding


opening or event start 26.01.2013 15:00


Brunnenstrasse 64
13355 Berlin


This event is free. To attend please email at :


On the afternoon of Saturday 26 Jan, the 'Illuminations of Wedding' panel discussion will take place at SUPERMARKT. In fitting with transmediale's 2013 theme BWPWAP, the discussion will focus on the themes of urban expressionism, shifts within network culture and society, and the role of public art and technologically-mediated interventions for evolving communities.


Panelists include curator Susa Pop from Public Art Lab Berlin:


Vancouver-based artist/curator Malcolm Levy from New Forms Festival and


The discussion will be moderated by curators Kristin Trethewey and Michelle O'Brien.

Illuminations of Wedding

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