Studio IAAN // was constructed for various artistic contents for the purpose of communication between arts and architecture and as a new artistic space to build culture and seek for a network of artists.


Studio IAAN should take over the role of the expansion of artistic and cultural exchange by forming a network of architects and artists from Germany and Korea also it should expand the development of a network of Berlin based architects and artists to foster the interrelationship of architecture and arts characteristics. New concepts on art should be presented through regular forums for new behavior of artistic space and the necessity of a change of peoples' understanding.


The concept of Studio IAAN are alternative spaces that break with the standard form of the gap between public and art activities. It should also renovate social relations and expects to create new cultural and art spaces through the vision of architects and artists and the means of theoretical foundation for display and performance venues and transformation of space. 



studio IAAN Director // IDO SHIN


Partner // Berlin Metropolitan School is an international school located in Mitte, Berlin. Founded in 2004, BMS is a member of the most important national and international education organizations and have been certified by the standard-setting international education boards. BMS combines the advantages of an international site of learning with local connections, strengthened through cooperation with significant cultural and arts institutions in one of the most interesting districts of Berlin.