Artists: Sang Hyuk Lee, Chun Hyun Ju, Chung In Sun, Janek Kaftan, Euna Hong, Seung Yeon Lee


DIFFERENT NOT DIFFERENT is a program by Studio IAAN that should give juveniles with migrant background or from multi-cultural families the ability to express their selves. For this purpose Studio IAAN requests artists and adolescents to take part in that art- and education project on a voluntary basis. 


For the project DIFFERENT NOT DIFFERENT each artist builds a team with one juvenile. The team meets re-gularly two times a month. The project should finish in an exhibition in Studio IAAN.

Through that exchange with the artists the youths should get the chance to get to know different methods of communication through art. Therefore not only Visual Arts, but also many other art movements like Sound-, Video-, Multimedia or Installation Art are provided. But the focus of the project should not be the art itself. 

It should just be the instrument to help the juveniles to express their selves and give the artists the possibility to build a network and find new inspiration. 


language : Korean, English



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